Sunday, April 12, 2009

semalam, hari ini dan esok

salam again..

today ill try to write in english,just practising.....its been quite a while im not writing, speaking, listening to or even watching english movies..grammar and vocab pun sudah berterabur..aiyayyay!!

p/s: everybody is welcomed to comments and correct my english, im on going process of brushing up my language skill yg agak mengecewakan dan lemah skrg ini.Thanks.


as i threw open the window on the 10th of April on a lovely friday morning, i come to realized that it was the day that i should get prepared and went out for work much earlier than usual. it was the day where my heart start beating a lot more faster than a bullet train..doh doh...what a day..what makes me so worried was, its time for dateline and project meeting with clients on the evening (they are even more horror than ghost telling you..huhu)


it was the same day as well whereby i should become a part time interior volunteer for my bos to get the office ready for astro shooting. all the susun2 works of material sample is quite tiring and make me sweat just like im going out for jogging..the shooting was during the evening after jumaat prayer. for the "ekspresi laman" not sure..might be..on the 104 channel..
so you guys out there dont forget to watch it,
if you want to see who's my bos la..(buat promo skit bley kan)

after i finished all the decorative works, i was lucky enough that i got informed that the meeting on the evening was postponed to the next tuesday..what a relief..but still ive to get ready for me to be able to counter their comments next week. later i got a call from my sister telling me that she already safely delivered her baby at the hospital..yey, baby..i love geram2 and rasa nk picit2. im telling myself, get ready with your backpack and start journey back home..and alhamdulillah, i managed to reach there and see my new anak buah sleep so tightly next to her mother..
her name is Najla Insyirah bt Mohd Azrul, 3 days old
later i will upload her plain pictures

Today and tommorow
to be cont.its time for...zzZZzz

u guys tgk dulu JOZAN episode ni kelakar


Anonymous said...

wah! Siti. Your English is indescribably fantastic! Jealous Pak Ngah dibuatnya.

moonie said...

hi tie.. saper pak ngah tuh.. pak ngah hang betui ka?

siti said...

to Pak Ngah:
adus, mana ada pakNgah..malu sy

to Moonie:
Pak Ngah is a kool lecturer at UPM, kool dad at home and kool blogger a web