Saturday, March 20, 2010

im working on im working on for a website for my bro-in-law company (actually already 1 week ago)..
still looking and browsing for ideas and graphic wise
the website 'should be' and 'must be' in 'good looking', presentable and smart, this is also where all the design, latest & done projects, ads, structures and etc for his company that will be advert on..huhu..ideas ideas..please at least come and give my brain a can just even dropping by..yay!
susah juge ye


nawa7 said...

cayok! cayok! pakai micrsft front pge ke?? hebat!! boleh belajar dgn u nnti

ستي فاطمة اسماعيل said...

berguru..haha..takde makne nyerr wan.i merangkak lg nk buat nie. u lg hebat bab2 grafik ni kan